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Model: KBB093

Aluminum Door Handle

The aluminum door handle grip and base are both manufactured by cast aluminum alloy, coming with light weight, as well as convenient and efficient manufacturing. The die-casting production of handle can be carried out according to customer samples or drawings, so as to achieve diverse product appearance. Due to the high strength of cast aluminum alloy, the door can be repeatedly opened and closed for a long time. In addition, the surface treatment is varied, including oxidizing, powder coating and spraying.

KBB093 integral two-sided door handle can control the opening and closing of doors indoors and outdoors. All die castings are cast from aluminum alloy, ensuring lightweight and practical property. Through the connection of square spindle to metal lock box, the active lock tongue can be controlled by turning the handle. Due to internal components such as stainless steel spacer and spring, it can automatically return after opening the door without any operation, which is very convenient.

The spindle length can be customized according to the thickness of the door leaf. Usually, the handle achieves a turning angle of approximately 45 degrees, and is commonly used in conjunction with the lock box. Its surface can be powder coated, electroplated and colored. It is widely applicable to casement doors, folding doors, and more.

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