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Model: KBB010

Aluminum Window Handle

The aluminum window handle grip and backplate are manufactured from cast aluminum alloy and extruded aluminum profile. The manufacture is quick and easy, and the product features good touch.

The product can be designed and manufactured in accordance with drawings or samples supplied by customers. This helps to achieve a variety of product appearances.

The cast aluminum alloy and extruded aluminum profile features light texture, affordable price, but high intensity, and long service life. The surface treatment varies from oxidizing to powder coating and spray finishing.

KBB010 handle grip and base are made of extruded aluminum, which comes with light weight and economical price. Through punching and riveting connection to latch and backplate, the handle is ensured with high assembly performance, and will not get loose for long-term use. Compared with the screw-on connection, this connection is more solid and stable. The surface can be oxidized, sprayed or treated in other ways. This 7-shaped product is generally suitable for use on out-swinging casement window.

Keyee is a specialized aluminum window handle manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including iron window roller, aluminum door handle, aluminum door bracket, and aluminum zinc alloy door lock, among others.

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