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The window lock gearbox must be used with the support of the handle. It is mainly assembled by die-cast zinc alloy and punched iron pieces. It can achieve the opening and closing of the window through the rotation of the handle. This product is applied to the sliding window, casement window and shutter window. Currently, it is exported to America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and so on.

Our Products
1. We can supply free samples, with the freight paid by the clients. We also provide die sinking (based on customer drawings) and ODM / OEM services.
2. Our window lock gearbox adopts electroplating or spraying surface treatment to achieve anti-corrosion property.

As a professional window lock gearbox manufacturer and supplier in China, Keyee offers a broad range of products, including zinc alloy window lock, aluminum door bracket, zinc aluminum alloy door handle, stainless steel door hinge, and more.

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