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The sliding door lock is mostly a metal piece that uses cast aluminum or zinc as the raw material. The iron or stainless steel internal transmission parts have sufficient hardness and strength to ensure the safe locking of heavy sliding doors. This product is not easy to lose efficacy and get deformed.

1. Complete product line: 20 models or more door lock
Free samples are offered upon request (freight paid by the buyer).
Die sinking with supplied drawings, ODM / OEM services.
2. Akzo powder or PPG harmless paint can be sprayed on the surface.
Adhesion: 2 times stronger than similar products.
3. 30,000 times of opening and closing. (20000 times for similar products)
4. Simple and quick installation through the use of only screws.

Model: KBS094

Sliding Door Lock

This handle lock comes with lock cylinder and uses extruded aluminum. Driving the plastic shifters up and down and rotating the lock cylinder to closed state can realize the locking function. There are multiple supporting lock hooks and gaskets.

According to the profile width, different gasket quantities can be selected. The hook uses round head self tapping screws for fastening to prevent loosening, which effectively improves the anti-theft security of the sliding door.

This product has both functions of a handle and a lock. In addition, the overall appearance of this fitting is also very elegant. It is suitable for use on large sliding doors.

Model: KBS122

Sliding Door Handle

KBS122 multi-leafs sliding door lock takes advantage of the wide and comfortable handle design for easy sliding of relatively large and heavy doors. Pulling the handle can control the locking of the door. This is very convenient and practical. What’s more, the red indicator can effectively indicate whether the door is open or not.

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