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Model: KBL037

Sliding Door Roller

Our sliding door roller mainly consists of frame, wheel and bearing. The wheel frame can be customized using different materials, such as zinc alloy, plastic, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. the wheel frame of different materials can be customized according to customer requirements. The plastic wheel is made using PA plus fiberglass, which allows the wheel to slide quietly and achieve wear resistance. The durable bearing is available in materials such as iron or carbon steel, ensuring good feel and little swing.

Our Products
1. Over 50 models of door roller can be supplied. Prior to purchase, we can send free samples for reference (freight paid by the customer). We can open moulds in compliance with customer drawings is available. ODM / OEM orders are accepted.
2. The electroplating and oxidizing treatment offers strong corrosion resistance.
3. It support 100,000 times of opening and closing.
4. Only by screws, the installation can be achieved.

KBL037 door roller uses die-cast zinc alloy retaining bracket and movable seat. The sliding wheel made of wearable nylon features good stability and no noise. The zinc alloy outer frame undergoing electroplating or spraying treatment makes it corrosion-resistant and breakage-proof.

Due to the single-fulcrum and two-wheel structure, the stress that the two wheels bear on the rail is uniform. This helps to enhance the overall strength. In the process of installation, the appropriate height can be self-regulated through the hexagon socket head screws in the rear. The adjustment of the two wheels can be carried out synchronously. This helps to ensure high smoothness.

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