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Folding Door Lock

Model: KBS092

The folding door lock comes with a high strength close or above high-quality steel. It is mainly used to lock the aluminum alloy door, so as to prevent others from opening the door. The working is flexible and smooth. The alloy surface can be colored, coated, embossed, painted, and printed for various decorative effects.

Our Products
1. Door lock: 20 models or more, free samples are available.
Service: Die sinking, ODM / OEM.
2. Surface adhesion: 2 times stronger than other like products. Akzo powder or PPG paint are sprayed on the surface.
3. Opening and closing times can be up to 30,000.
4. Screws are used for simple and fast installation.

KBS092 folding door up and down latch selects die-cast zinc alloy as the main body material. The latch is designed into a unique bi-directional inserted rod. It can be freely assembled according to the matching accessories. The upper latch uses nylon material, while the lower latch uses stainless steel sheet. Both bolts are equipped with a guide to ensure smooth operation of the lock.

As a China-based folding door lock manufacturer and supplier, Keyee offers a broad range of products, including sliding door roller, shutter friction stay, louver window bracket, casement window hinge, and much more.

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