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Model: KBS001

Casement Window Lock

The casement window lock is an important fitting used to ensure the sash is in steady in the closed state. It is available in a variety of types, such as two-point lock, linkage handle lock, 7-shaped handle lock (generally for out-swing casement window, etc.

The product can not only use lightweight and affordable aluminum profile as the raw material. In addition, high-strength cast zinc alloy can also be used in the manufacturing process.

1. Over 50 types of window lock can be offered by our company. We provide die sinking with provided drawings and ODM / OEM services. Free samples can be provided with the freight paid by the client.
2. Our surface spraying material uses high quality Akzo powder or PPG green paint. (Adhesion: Twice stronger than like products)
3. The opening and closing achieves as high as 30,000 times. (Only 20,000 times for similar products)
4. The installation can be finished with just screws.

The automatic handle lock uses aluminum for manufacturing, ensuring small size, simple structure, and affordable price. The built-in compression spring realizes the auto-locking function. The surface can be oxidized, sprayed, or processed in other ways. This product is frequently applicable to the casement window.

As a China-based casement window lock manufacturer and supplier, Keyee also offers aluminum zinc alloy door lock, 304 stainless steel friction hinge, shutter friction stay, iron window roller, and much more.

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