Shutter Handle

Shutter Handle

Model: KBF098

The shutter handle is characterized by light weight, compact size and beautiful appearance. The louver can be opened and closed mainly through the rotary motion of the rocker.

1. Product models: 40 or more.
Service: Free samples, moulds making with supplied drawings, ODM / OEM.
2. Surface: Sprayed with superior Akzo powder or PPG paint.
Product adhesion: Twice compared to similar products.
3. Opening and closing times: 20,000 (15,000 for similar products)
4. Installation: With screws and shims

The rocker handle is used in conjunction with the matching transmission box. Rotating the rocker arm can control the opening and closing of the louver blade. This product is small and exquisite, thus applying correspondingly to the louver with multiple small blades. According to the height of the shutter window, a certain amount of products can be used for only one piece of window.

As a China-based shutter handle manufacturer and supplier, Keyee provides a vast range of products, including louver window hinge, sliding door bracket, casement window lock gearbox, folding door handle, and more.

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