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The company can produce various fittings used in casement window, sliding window and louver window. We also provide fittings such as locking screw, latch, handrail and stand column parts, to name a few. Our accessories can be used in the field of bathroom hardware. A lot of new products are developed to meet various customer requirements. A variety of supporting services are available in our company.

Model: KBF032

Other Shutter Fittings

The louver bracket is an important part of the shutter window. It is responsible for numerous louver aluminum sheets connecting and synchronous rotating. It is used together with shutter handle and gearbox. It can realize synchronized opening and closing of multiple blades. The product can be customized according to blade amount and length.

Model: KBF074

Other Shutter Fittings

The glass louver bracket, an important part of the shutter window, is used to connect multiple pieces of glass together and perform synchronous rotation. The window can be opened and closed directly by pulling the handle. Multiple pieces of glass can also be opened and closed synchronously. According to the amount and length of the blade, the product can be customized within a certain range. It comes with simple structure and generally oxidized surface.

Model: KBF075

Other Shutter Fittings

The main body and the drive bar are processed from the extrusion of aluminum. The louver blade uses wear-resistant nylon. The shutter bracket can connect several aluminum sheets and realize synchronous rotation. The product is usually used in combination with the matching handle and gearbox, achieving the opening and closing of multiple blades. Upon request, it can be made to order in accordance with the quantity and length of the blade. In addition, multiple handles can also be installed according to the height requirements for split control.

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